Your Sport Nutrition Plan

Fueling Athletic Performance

The Food Cruncher
3 Month Sport Nutrition Plan

  • Are you looking for sport nutrition guidelines and not sure what you should be eating? The Food Cruncher’s Sport Nutrition Plan can help.
  • Three-month subscription-based plan with a different focus each month. No contracts. No joining fees. Cancel whenever you like. 
  • We show you how to work out your own macronutrient requirements, based on the amount of training you are doing each day.
  • You will have exclusive access to our recipes and meal plans, as well as our state of the art food tracker.

Personalised Plan

If you are looking for an individualised nutrition prescription, The Food Cruncher can help. We will work with you to determine your exact sport nutrition requirements based on your performance and training goals.

We can work out your energy requirements, energy balance and energy availability to accurately prescribe a highly individualised nutrition plan that will suit your training needs

We will calculate your individual macronutrient (carbohydrate, fat and protein) requirements and provide example meal plans, along with timing of nutrient intake daily.

We will also include strategies to optimize recovery pre, during and post competitions.

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Preferred APP

Food Tracking App with Cronometer

The Food Cruncher has partnered with Cronometer to bring you a world class Food Tracking app that provides nutritional information for over 300,000 foods from around the world. The App is highly personalised, allowing you to set your own weight goals. The app also syncs with fitbit to allow you to log your exercise.

Click here for information on how to set up Cronometer


Why a Sport Nutrition Plan?
  • The Food Cruncher provides evidence-based nutrition information and has developed a sport nutrition plan tailored towards athletes looking for highly specific nutrition advice. 
  • We show you how to work out your macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein and fat) requirements and include some awesome recipes and food plans. We also include vegetarian and vegan food plan examples for your use.
  • With no contracts or joining fees, we look forward to welcoming you onto our Sport Nutrition plan and seeing the changes your food choices make to improving your sporting performance.