Clinical Governance Board

The Food Cruncher’s goal is to reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and to reduce symptoms of depression by providing evidence-based nutrition information, empowering our members to make informed choices about food.

Clinical Governance Board

The Food Cruncher’s goal is to reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease on a global scale by providing evidence-based nutrition information, empowering our members to make informed choices about food.

The Food Cruncher’s Mission Statement is:

“The Food Cruncher provides evidence-based nutrition information that tells the truth about food. We seek to provide a service that is both affordable and impactful on health. Our goal is to make a positive difference in our members’ lives through education in health and nutrition, and to reduce the occurrence of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes and to reduce symptoms of depression.”

To ensure that our programmes have a strong clinical direction and are up to date with current research in the field of nutrition and nutritional epidemiology,  we are delighted to welcome the following healthcare professionals to our Clinical Governance Board.


Dr Lorraine Anderson

gp - aboriginal health - australia

Lorraine is originally from the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand where she worked as a GP for 15 years. During this time, she developed post graduate skills in sport medicine, palliative medicine, business management and governance. Lorraine’s passion for rural and remote medicine, along with her all but lost Australian Aboriginal heritage, took her to Australia 12 years ago. She has been working as a GP in very remote areas in the Pilbara region of Western Australia predominantly in Aboriginal Health, and on the Indian Ocean Territories Islands of Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Lorraine is now the Medical Director for the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services. Based in Broome but covering the entire Kimberley, her current role encompasses clinical work, research oversight and governance/leadership in Aboriginal health. Lorraine brings experience in business management and governance in New Zealand and Australia, a passion for primary healthcare and chronic disease prevention and a keen interest in health technology.

Dr Sally Carter

Dr Sally Carter

General Practitioner & Medical Educator for the Royal College of GPs - New Zealand

Sally is a New Zealand trained General Practitioner with more than 15 years’ experience.  She is also the lead medical educator for the Waikato region in New Zealand, acting as a mentor for doctors entering the general practice training programme.

Sally brings with her strong clinical leadership skills in supervising other general practitioners, along with experience in optimising clinical processes. Sally has also completed post graduate qualifications in human nutrition and has a strong focus on public health as it relates to lifestyle and disease prevention.


Veronica Mitchell

bsc Nutrition (honours) Postgraduate dietetics (merit) RD - Registered Dietitian - London

Veronica is a New Zealander based in London, who qualified as a dietitian in 2010. She currently works for the National Health Service and specialises in gastroenterology. Veronica also works closely with the Clinical Commisioning Group to help GPs with appropriate prescribing of oral nutrition supplements. Veronica has a strong interest in providing evidence-based dietetic advice and has many years of work experience in general dietetics in the areas of weight management, nutrition support, hyperlipidaemia and diabetes.


Michelle Redmond

Co-Founder | MSc PgDip Nutrition - New Zealand

Michelle brings to The Food Cruncher over 20 years’ industry experience in the field of nutrition and exercise science. With a background as a personal trainer and nutritionist in New Zealand and London, and also working as a lifestyle coach in New Zealand, Michelle has helped to transform the lives of clients medically referred to her for nutrition and exercise guidance.

Michelle has operated her own business teaching the Les Mills RPM group exercise class and has also operated a Crossfit gym. Following postgraduate study in the field of human nutrition through Otago University in New Zealand, Michelle jointly co-founded The Food Cruncher with Quentin Van Heerden. The aim of The Food Cruncher is to try and teach as many people as possible the truth about food and to provide evidence-based nutrition information aimed at clarifying the misleading information that exists around nutrition.


Quentin Van Heerden

Co-Founder | BCIS (Bachelor of Computer and Information System Science) - new zealand

Quentin brings over ten years’ industry experience in the area of digital marketing and technology. Quentin owns a Digital Marketing Agency and has significant experience working with a very diverse range of clients and industries, both nationally and internationally.

As the co-founder of The Food Cruncher, Quentin brings valuable knowledge, skills and experience that will enable The Food Cruncher’s message to be delivered to as many people as possible.

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