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The Food Cruncher has designed some delicious healthy 4-week meal plans for you to follow. We have different plans for meat, vegetarian and vegan eaters. Just choose the plan that suits your lifestyle.

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The Food Cruncher helped me with my protein intake and all my bloating has disappeared. I've stopped the mass gainer shakes and spread my protein intake more evenly throughout the day.


I was following the keto diet. Since joining The Food Cruncher, I doubled my carbohydrates and now I don't need a sleep in the middle of the day! I also really learnt why diets don't work.


Since joining The Food Cruncher, I have been shocked at what I am actually eating! The Food Cruncher taught me the truth about food.


I lost 11cm (4.3 inches) around my waist in the first 5 weeks with The Food Cruncher. The Food Cruncher changed my life - and is my new lifestyle.


The Food Cruncher made me think about what I was actually eating. Learning to eat consciously is how you will improve your health, forever.


Over the past 12 months The Food Cruncher has taught me what is actually in food, and how to read food labels. This is huge as now I know what to look out for and what not to buy.


I lost over 20kg (44lbs) with The Food Cruncher. The biggest change for me, apart from weight loss, was now I sleep right through the night - which I never did before I joined The Food Cruncher.


The Food Cruncher literally changed my life. I have lost over 26kg (57lbs) in the past six months and I never felt like I was on a diet.


The Food Cruncher taught me how to be much better prepared and to make smart food choices, instead of eating junk.


My Doctor was astounded at how much my blood pressure dropped after joining The Food Cruncher.


    Your Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan

    Simple easy to follow recipes

    Your Healthy Meat Meal Plan

    Simple easy to follow recipes

    Your Healthy Vegan Meal Plan

    Simple easy to follow recipes

    The Food Cruncher Meal Plans

    Choose the Meal Plan that suits your lifestyle.

    but also includes some vegetarian options

    A bunch of different SNACKS, with nutritional analysis
    Free with any purchased plan
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    Lost 18kg (39.6lbs) with The Food Cruncher – and counting

    Since following the guidelines that The Food Cruncher taught me, I have lost 18kg (39.6lbs) over the past 4 months. That's 18% of my starting bodyweight!Read More

    What's included with your Food Cruncher Meal Plan?

    Each of our meal plans include:
    28 different breakfasts
    28 different lunches
    28 different dinners
    • Recipes are included for every meal plan, including a nutritional analysis.
    • A total of your daily calorie intake is provided based on each meal plan as it is written.
    • You can mix and match any recipes and eat whatever suits your taste.
    • You can choose your own snacks, but you need to add this into your total calorie intake if you are monitoring how many calories you are eating each day.
    • We have not included drinks – so if you have tea and coffee or juice and alcohol, you need to also account for this if you are monitoring your calories. 
    • Please note some recipes are repeated across all 3 plans. You will still receive a total of 84 different recipes in any single plan purchased. If you want to purchase more than 1 plan, we recommend the meat plan and the vegan plan.

    Research Backed and Evidence-Based Nutrition Information

    With so much nutritional information online it can be hard to know what is true and what is false. We're here here to bust the myths! This should be the only site you need for evidence based nutrition information.
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    Choose the plan that suits you

    The Food Cruncher Meal Plans

    If you are just looking for recipe ideas, or want to follow a prescribed meal plan, our 4-week plans may be able to help.
    We hope you find these recipes, plans and nutritional analysis useful.
    Happy cooking.

    What’s Not Included:

    • We do not provide any recommendations on which meal plan or recipes to use.
    • We do not provide any guidance or recommendations on health/weight or exercise in general (all of this is taught in The Food Cruncher Lifestyle Plan).
    • We do not provide any advice, guidance or recommendations for any health conditions, including pregnancy.
    • You will not have access to The Food Cruncher main site, which includes lots more recipes, blogs, exercise guidelines and teaches you all things nutrition to improve your health.
    • Any meal plan that is followed is at the user's own risk.
    Our Meal Plans cost $9.99 USD / month per month.  No contracts & cancel whenever you like.


    Looking for ways to improve your health just by using food?

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