Sport Nutrition Membership

Why the Food Cruncher
The Food Cruncher provides evidence-based nutrition information and has developed a sport nutrition plan tailored towards athletes looking for highly specific nutrition advice.

Programme Overview

Three-month subscription-based plan with a different focus each month. No contracts. No joining fees. Cancel whenever you like.

  • Month 1 - Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat – (macronutrient guidelines)
  • Month 2 – Fluid Intake, Electrolytes, Vitamins & Minerals
  • Month 3 – Supplements & Carbohydrate Loading
Monthly – $24.99 USD / month for 3 months
Personalised Programme
Do you need a highly personalised nutrition programme to suit your individual training requirements? The Food Cruncher can tailor a plan dedicated only to you. Contact us for more information.
Personalised Plan