Prediabetes Plan Membership

Why the Food Cruncher
  • It takes time to change habits
  • Diets usually fail because they are either too fast, or too extreme and not based on real living
  • This plan is designed to change your habits for a lifetime
  • Unique plan focused on reducing blood sugars with a strong emphasis on food choices

Programme Overview

  • No joining fees. No contracts
  • 6-month plan with a different focus on food each month
  • Example food plans provided depending on the goal for the month
  • Vegan and vegetarian meal plans included
  • Lots of healthy recipes to choose from
  • Exercise guidelines included 
  • Private facebook groups to keep you motivated

Requirements for Pre-Diabetes Programme

  • This plan is designed for clients diagnosed with prediabetes or who have a family history of diabetes
  • Acceptance to this plan is based on prediabetes only – so for people who do not require diabetes medication

PreDiabetes Plan

Monthly – $24.99 USD / month for 6 months
6 Month Plan – $149.94 USD for 6 months
Optional Prediabetes Booster Plan

This plan is for a further 6 months to really practice what you have learnt in months 1 – 6 and then to learn more about other foods and food choices that affect your health. This includes things like vitamins and minerals, alcohol, making smart food choices when eating out, and how to read food labels.

Once you have gone through our entire 12-month plan, there is another option to carry on with our Wellness Plan. This is where you make sure that everything you learnt over the past year is maintained. Maintenance is the key to staying healthy for as long as possible.

Monthly – $19.99 USD for 1 month
6 Month Plan – $191.90 USD for 1 year