Bianca Du Plessis – lost 11cm around her waist in 5 weeks with The Food Cruncher

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Bianca Du Plessis – lost 11cm around her waist in 5 weeks with The Food Cruncher


As a Mum of 2, in my 30s, in a new country, weight has been a big issue for me. I had endometriosis and due to hormone treatments gained more and more weight by the day no matter how little I ate. 

I have tried Banting (keto), the 28day diet, cutting sugars, drinking shakes, just about any yo-yo plan you can think of, even the EVIL Duromine in the end, but nothing seemed to work, or at least not long term.  

So, when heard about The Food Cruncher, I was very suspicious and not at all keen to give yet another thing a go, but after experiencing a colleagues’ weight loss first hand and seeing how her life changed  in a matter of weeks, I decided to at least take a look at what The Food Cruncher was all about. 

To my surprise it wasn’t a diet or a “you have to eat this and never again that” kind of thing – it was learning how to read labels, know my food and still enjoy what I ate, but eating smarter.  

The Food Cruncher has helped me become comfortable with knowledge about eating habits and what I put in my mouth, in only 5 weeks I lost 11cm around my waist, my stomach started taking shape again and my pants were a lot more comfortable! This has changed my life and is now my new lifestyle. 

I still drink my café coffee, eat chocolate or cake and as a South African a braai is a big deal and all the food that goes with that, potato salads, garlic bread, different meats, drinks and dessert, I can still enjoy all of that, in moderation AND  feel  good! 

I have only 1 issue – and that is the fact that I was so uneducated that I didn’t try this earlier. 

Thanks The Food Cruncher for all your assistance and knowledge, thanks for being kind and sharing your nutrition knowledge with me. 

Bianca Du Plessis