The Food Cruncher Recipe Book!
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  • This PDF recipe book is packed with healthy recipes, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options too.
  • The recipes for healthy and delicious meals are exclusive to The Food Cruncher.
  • 50% of EVERY book sale will go to supporting The Cookie Project, an amazing social enterprise that’s providing paid employment to people with disabilities in New Zealand. We’re honoured to be helping their life-changing work.
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The Food Cruncher Recipes
The Cookie ProjectThe Food Cruncher RecipesThe Food Cruncher Recipes
Recipes for everyone to adore
$9.99 NZD

The Food Cruncher recipe book is really easy to use as it comes in a PDF, allowing you browse quickly from recipe to recipe.

We’ve got recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies and baking. What’s really great is that not only will the recipes produce something delicious – they are healthy too! In our colourful, easy to follow recipe book, you’ll find a nutritional breakdown of each recipe, simple instructions and bright pictures.

And as you bake, cook or make a smoothie, remember too that 50% of the book price has gone to helping people in New Zealand with disabilities through our support for The Cookie Project. From everyone at The Food Cruncher, thank you for taking an interest in our recipe book – we hope you love it!

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