Lifestyle Plan

Your Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Using food to reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease

No joining fees. No contracts. Cancel whenever you like.
Monthly – $14.95 NZD / month
Yearly - $164.45 NZD / year

Your Lifestyle Plan

A programme designed so you never need to go on a diet again.
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The Food Cruncher
12 Month Plan

  • Join for 1 month or 12. No joining fees. Cancel whenever you like.
  • Months 1 – 3 will have the biggest effect on weight change.
  • All other months are about focusing on food for health. These months are designed to help you learn about what is in food and how food can help you avoid diabetes and heart disease, and reduce your risk for developing cancer.
  • Exercise is part of the plan.
  • Exclusive access to our meal plans and easy and delicious recipes.
  • Community support and food & exercise tracker.
  • A plan designed so you never need to go on a diet again.


Preferred APP

Food Tracking App with Cronometer

The Food Cruncher has partnered with Cronometer to bring you a world class Food Tracking app that provides nutritional information for over 300,000 foods from around the world. The app is highly personalised, allowing you to set your own weight goals. The app also syncs with your Fitbit device to allow you to log your exercise.

Click here for information on how to set up Cronometer


Why a Lifestyle Plan?

  • It takes time to change habits.
  • Diets usually fail because they are either too fast or too extreme, and not based on real living.
  • This plan is designed to change your habits for a lifetime.
  • Try not to be impatient. Think about how long it took to put the weight on. If you gained the weight over 5+ years, don’t expect it to come off in 5 weeks.
  • From month one you should expect to see results if you follow the guidelines provided.


Are you ready to never go on a diet again?

If you are, join us in our global ambition to fuel your health with real nutrition information and to reduce obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Monthly – $14.95 NZD / month
Yearly - $164.45 NZD / year