Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

Evidence-Based Nutritional Information

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Why The Food Cruncher?

  • An evidence based lifestyle programme, backed only by research
  • World class nutrition software that is easy to use with reports on essential
    nutrients which affect health
  • Unlike other apps which only provide calorie counts – and no education
  • 12 month programme, followed by a maintenance plan
  • Easy programme that can be implemented by internal Human Resources
  • Extremely cost effective with potential to save huge company costs in terms
    of staff sickness and lost productivity
  • Co-founders with 30+ years’ industry experience in health,
    wellness and technology space

Programme Overview

  • Food Diary Analysis through our preferred world class nutrition software Cronometer
  • Individualised nutrition recommendations based on personal goals, weight, height
    and physical activity levels
  • Evidence backed nutrition blogs & information
  • 12 month programme focusing on one goal at a time each month.
  • Followed by a maintenance plan.
  • Example food plans provided depending on goal for the month
  • Vegan & Vegetarian food plan examples included
  • Each staff member has individual login and access to The Food Cruncher website
  • 15% discount for New Zealand companies with staff of 100+ ($16.99 per month per staff member - $3.92 per week)
  • 10% discount for New Zealand companies with staff of less than 100
    ($17.99 per month per staff member, $4.15 per week)
  • Excellent staff benefit at minimal cost – more cost effective than a gym membership and much better chance at improving long term health outcomes